Holy Crap, It’s the Holidays!

Okay, okay, I’m not just a bad blogger.  I’m a terrible blogger.  But look I’ve been busy!  I’ve been designing my own line of holiday accessories.  Here they are, complete with my best ANTM face.  What do you think?

My husband thought it looked incredibly painful.  What he didn’t realize is A.) these ornaments are plastic and weigh about as much as a tablespoon of marshmallow fluff and B.) they’re not earrings.  They’re attached to twist-ties which are wrapped around my glasses.  Clever, huh?  Think it’ll catch on?

Stalkerish followers of Photos I Take With My Laptop (that’s another blog of mine) might notice something different about this picture.  No, it’s not my haircut, but I did get one, thanks for asking!  No, it’s not that I’ve gotten to be even more gorgeous, though that’s a possibility.  It’s the background!  The hubby and I picked up and moved all of a mile away, with much help from Liz, as well as my friends Nate, SJ, and Josh, all of whom put up admirably with the fact that Sam and I can’t find our asses with both hands.  Now that we’re settled, I can get back to the important business of writing things that I find funny and posting it on the internet where I had assumed nobody would actually read it, until my friend Victor called me out for not updating the blog in, like, almost 2 months.  Then I checked the stats, and like a gajillion people visited on 12/6.  Why?  The internet is full of mysteries.

Well, I’m not the only one who’s been busy.  We’ve been writin’ and rehearsin’ and filmin’ and drinkin’ mimosas like we always do.  We officially have a head writer, Laura!  Laura wrote 2 of the 3 sketches in our last run, and has also been writing with The Dowry for quite some time now and also is soon to be the head writer at ImprovBoston!  We are extremely happy that she’s here to keep us funny and honest.

That’s the good news.  But of course, with good news, there’s got to be sad news to balance it out.  And, I’ve got to be honest, this is one of the reasons I’ve been putting off blogging.  Hannah, super lady that she is, has left the group, or as I prefer, “gone on indefinite hiatus.”  Don’t be surprised if you see her as a guest actor in our next show (currently scheduled for March).  Sadder still, Liz is moving.  To Chicago.  I know, right?  How dare she?  I, for one, am distraught.  However, it has given me something to do with my moving boxes, so that is some comfort.

So that’s the big news.  Now what?  It’s too late to wish the Hanukkah-celebrating sorts a happy Hanukkah.  Christmas is on Friday, and yes, I have finished my shopping.  Bet you didn’t see that one coming.  I sure didn’t.  It’s not too late to wish everyone a happy Kwanzaa either.

And now I will leave you to this festive holiday homage to Magritte:

Happy Holidays,  y’all!



~ by Maitland on December 19, 2009.

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