The Latchkey Kids Rock ImprovBoston

Hey everyone!

I continue to be a terrible blogger.  But you knew that already.

Tonight, I’m performing in The Latchkey Kids Present… TV in the Studio, a sketch troupe that Liz and I are a part of over at ImprovBoston.  You should come check it out!  7pm, this Friday and next.

ImprovBoston is also partnering with the American Red Cross, so please come, laugh, have a beer, and donate a few bucks to help out the situation in Haiti.  In fact, you know what?  For every  person who sees the 7PM SketchHaus show at ImprovBoston tonight, I will donate $5. They get some small part of the help they need, you get laughs, I get to be the center of attention.  Everyone wins!




~ by Maitland on January 15, 2010.

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