Guns of Steel

The Gun Show is composed of an elite squadron of sharpshooters.  Much thanks to Mo Masterson for the fabulous photos!  In no particular order, unless you consider alphabetical to be particular:

Jackie “Arquebustier” Arko

I took another quiz today entitled “Which Male Celebrity Would Crush On You?” and it turns out that Nick Jonas would find me irresistible.

Jacey “Double Barrel” Bokuniewicz

Jacey has been performing in the theater since age 6, some of her favorite roles include Rosalind (As You Like It), Puck (A Midsummer Night’s Dream), Dromio of Syracuse (A Comedy of Errors), Carol (Oleanna), Snoopy (You’re a Good Man, Charlie Brown), Felicia (I Hate Hamlet) and Lenny (Crimes of the Heart). After 20+ years of scripted theater, Jacey decided to give improv a try. Following her completion of ImprovBoston’s University program, Jacey began performing around Boston, appearing in such shows as Neutrino Boston, The Robert Cycle, Gorefest III,

Spinning Hardcore, With Guest, The Rumble, Phys. Ed. With Coach Crotchky, Groaners and Boners: Shtick It to Vaudeville, Last Call, and What the Dickens?!. Joining ImprovBoston’s UnNatural Selection/Comedy Thursday cast in 2006, Jacey is currently a cast member of the IB Family Show and Crackers in Bed.  Jacey can also be seen doing stand-up in the Boston area.  When not performing, Jacey likes to challenge people to correctly pronounce her last name.

Laura “The Kid” Clark

Head Writer. I like things that are great.

Claudette “Hot Glock” Dawes

Live, laugh, love, repeat.

Maitland “Blunderbust” Lederer

Maitland started improvising at the tender age of 17 when she auditioned for her college improv troupe because she had developed a crush on a guy who was also auditioning.  Since then, she has  performed in several improvised shows in the Boston area, including In the Garage, Groaners and Boners, Henchmen, The Dream Show, and Crackers in Bed. Currently, she writes for and performs with the ImprovBoston sketch troupe The Latchkey Kids and, of course, The Gun Show.

Bailey “Trigger” Triggs

I will go to great lengths to amuse myself, though life makes it pretty easy most of the time.

Guns In Emeritus

In emeritus?  That’s a thing, right?

Hannah “Titicaca” Foell

“Remember that one time when Hannah was rooting around in her purse for something that wasn’t a mustache? And she pulled out a push-broom mustache? Which caused everyone at the table to realize that Hannah is a woman who, at any given moment, on any given day, has at least one mustache in her purse, even if it’s the one that no one wants to wear because it is in the infamous style of a tyrannical mass murderer? I do.”
-Jackie Arko

Liz “BB” McKeon

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